Sant'Antioco island.
Sant'Antioco Island (wich, for its size, is the seventh among the mediterranean sea's islands :108 Kmq) is in the south-west of Sardinia; for its shape and position it's very exposed to winds coming from N , NW, NE, S, SE. In spring and summer, due to the coming of Azzorre Anticyclon on the mediterranean sea, the main wond is Mistral (NW). Our coast are very very windy, and that's why, many years ago, the first eolic stations were placed on our island.
In summer the wind force, on average, at 4-5 Bft. Last summer (from June to August) we had 40 days with wind NW at 4-5 Bft.
Praticable water sports are Kitesurf, Windsurf and Surf. S.Antioco island is the biggest centre in the South-west coast, and for that is a wonderful base for the surfer to try the island's spot or the other beatiful spots of the coast going from Buggerru (winds N-NW-SW), to Fontanamare (winds N-NW-SW) and Chia (winds SW-S-SE-E); these spots are maximum 50-60 km far from island.
Don't worry about the distances, here there's no traffic, so you wil need very few time to reach the spots (consider 10 mins x 10 km).
On the island there are two spots: Spiaggia Grande (in the town Calasetta) and Spiaggia Coequaddus (in the town S.Antioco).
The first spot works very good with strorm coming from N-NW, the other one with storms from NE-E-SE.
The spot of Spiaggia Grande is next to a flat reef, so that waves are very fast and steeps. After a storm coming from NW there are waves above 1,5 mt. On the contrary the spot Coequaddus is sandy; for 30-50 mt from the shore the water depth is about 50-80 cm, then becoming deeper.
What is particular in this beach is the forming of very wide pipe waves. The best time for surf are: winter for short-board and spring-summer for longboards.

Kite surf:
Sant'Antioco island and near coasts are the real paradise of kitesurf in south Sardinia. Indeed, thanks to the azzorre's anticyclon the most frequent wind are NW-N-NE , above all in spring and summer. On the island you'll find these spots: Spiaggia Grande (wind from NW), Spiaggia Salina (wind from N-NW), Cussorgia (wind from W), Is Pruinis (wind from S-SE), Coequaddus (wind from S-SE). Following spots are closest to S.Antioco island: Porto Botte (wind from NW-W - at 18 km)with a kite zone-, Fontanamare (wind from NW-W - at 30 km), Porto Pino (wind from NW-W - at 25 km), Chia (wind from S-SW-SE - at 50 km) with a kite zone, Buggerru (wind from NW-W - at 50 km).

The best time for kitesurf goes from february to september. The kites range goes from 8 mq to 16 mq. From february to june it's possible to do kitesurf on all spots. On the contrary from July to August due crowed beaches we have to move to: Spiaggia grande, Is Pruinis, Fontanamare, Porto Botte. For more informations call alessandro. To see the kite spot map click here